All THIS for $500??? - GIGABYTE M34WQ 34" 144Hz Ultrawide Monitor

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It feels like monitor prices are dropping dramatically, at least for the 1440p or 2K resolution range. Gigabyte's M34WQ gaming monitor is made for gaming, but it has a secret up its sleeve, a KVM! Let's see what you get for $500.
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0:00 - From work to GAMING
0:13 - M34WQ Gigabyte Monitor overview
0:57 - KVM overview
1:16 - Unboxing and assembly
2:49 - Buttons and I/O ports
3:22 - Sponsor - Jackery
3:48 - Refresh rate impressions
4:11 - Bezel impressions
4:47 - Picture quality impressions
5:43 - It's gaming time
7:29 - Built-in KVM impressions
9:21 - Final thoughts

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  • 4:00

  • Monitors go to 143.856 because it's evenly divisible by the standard 23.976 framerate that has been used in movies forever. This means you don't have to use any pulldown which can create artifacts or frame drops although it would be really difficult to notice a duplicated or dropped frame at such a refresh rate.

  • 4:30

  • Quick note - if you set your laptop to "Do nothing" when the lid is closed and you have a monitor connected, the resolution and main screen will divert to the main display. This would mean ultrawide display plus I think it's pretty neat :)

  • A monitor like that for $500 is a steal, this is definitely the best value monitor.

  • Also to add to this with the OSD software “OSD_sidekick” you can program a keyboard shortcut for the KVM function instead of having to reach around and physically and press the button, just install it on both with the same shortcut programmed. I have this monitor, I hate cable cluter and most cheap kvm’s just do peripheral switching while you’ll still need to change the display source on the monitor. You can spend a LOT of money on one that does both display and peripheral but you never know what that’ll do to your display signal. Best monitor purchase I have ever made!

  • That’s a wild deal for $500, especially in the monitor space.

  • For anyone interested in similar value products, Gigabyte's whole M series for 1440p and 4K is really good quality - performance ratio. Check out some of the reviews done by Hardware Unboxed or RTINGs as well

  • 2 years living the KVM life and I love it. My work laptop has a thunderbolt but the 400usd thinkpad docking station sometimes just doesn't see peripherals 🤣 so I just use it for display port and KVM switch to switch between PC and laptop :) and it's really solid

  • B&H: Discontinued

  • If you set the laptop to turn off it's own display when an external display is connected, it should display in ultrawide format.

  • I've got two of the 27" version of this monitor and I love it. Switching between my work laptop, Gaming PC, and Raspberry Pi is super easy.

  • One thing I’m curious about is backlight quality. I have a different gigabyte display (one of those 1440p 165Hz 27” for ~300 ones you mentioned), and the backlight bleed is…not good, even after a return and replace.

  • I will never stop laughing at bezel critique. Sitting here rocking monitors with 3/4" fatties, seeing a 2mm bezel get hated on. Kills me 🤣

  • Finally! A good looking high refresh ultrawide that isn't curved! Curved displays was such a big mistake.

  • i love the kvm in my M27Q, i use it to switch between my pc and ps5, even though it doesn’t support 1440p (yet, hopefully)

  • Well in my experience, gigabyte monitors are indeed excellent value for money

  • This is an amazing deal as far as ultra wides go. Great entry point

  • Wow you'd almost always expect to see a VA panel at this price point. This is an insanely good deal

  • Nice looking display and UW has its place but not for me. I was using a 55" but that was overkill. 27" is the sweet spot glad I didn't go larger or smaller.