Can this REALLY make bezels DISAPPEAR??? - ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit

פורסם בתאריך 30 אפר 2020
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Companies have tried to make monitor bezels as small as possible, but it still leaves a gap. ASUS might have a solution to make them completely gone, but does it work?
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  • I honestly love this guy, hes so packed full of knowledge in a friendly kind form.

  • I honestly did not expect these lenses to actually work that well, I'm impressed

  • Best presenter at LTT, he should do narrating of novels with that soft calming voice

  • I'd rather save up money and buy a wide screen curve monitor.

  • Anthony's voice is so calm that I didn't even skip the sponsor part. And his presentation really feels like a professor who is good at teaching you difficult concepts.

  • “Yeah... yeah...”

  • 0:00

  • Linus:

  • Anthony is awesome. I know I'm in for some well explained knowledge and great presentation whenever he shows up in a video.

  • Anthony the KING

  • Anthony and Alex are such amazing presenters. If Linus's goal was to ensure LMG would survive without him then these presenters are a great proof of concept. Great job guys.

  • I think you can avoid loosing part of image by removing the bezel correction under NVIDIA control panel.

  • THE GOAT IS BACK. It hasn't been the same without Anthony.

  • This guy is a master when it comes to present an advertisement. Better than linus.

  • What someone

  • I feel like before hearing about this way back when it was announced, we never saw something like this, but man.....that's expensive for what it is. At $109 I figured it was a mini-screen or something to help hide the bezel but idk, that feels like a lot for what it actually is and like there should be a even cheaper option that does the same thing...

  • This is really cool. It's a shame Anthony didn't spend a little more time setting up the left lens to perfection, but even that one looked a lot better than I expected.

  • Damn I just found these and I think I'm going to order them. I was going to pay like $500 for an ultrawide monitor, but this looks way better and then I'll have a super ultrawide!

  • feels like Anthony is sitting there "This thing is supposed to suck, i'm supposed to slam it, I know that, It's dumb... but umm.. i can't find any reason to slam it... sorry?"

  • I love that it's such a realistic and honest view from someone that knows what their talking about without the over-hyping. You earned a sub 100%