dbrand got SERVED! - darkplates 2.0

פורסם בתאריך 19 דצמ 2021
Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring today's video! Check out darkplates 2.0 at darkplates.com
dbrand's darkplates 2.0 is a bit of a controversial product. For backstory, a different company was going to make decorative side plates, and a C&D was issued, so none were made. dbrand made their own, and well... there's a reason why there's a 2.0 version.
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תגובות: 2 926

  • The C&D encoded and printed on in binary is absolutely beautiful.

  • Sony: "This design is proprietary and you will stop this immediately!"

  • The antagonistic relationship between LTT and Dbrand is honestly one of my favorite things on ILaward.

  • I love how Linus is the only ILaward personality that will openly shit on his own sponsor. Keep winning Linus.

  • I find dbrand to be highly intelligent and experienced people with a good sense of humour.

  • I actually like the rounded edges more than the OEM ones

  • The fact dbrand included the entire cease and desist email as binary on the interior of the case summarizes dbrand in a nutshell.

  • You gotta love dbrand 😂

  • dbrand certainly knows how marketing works, this is amazing…

  • DBrand really trolled to the next level with the binary message inside the plates, I personally think the PS5 looks cleaner with the plate change and makes the console looks more streamlined.

  • I like the rounded edge way more actually, makes it look nice and uniformed, and not like a panel that was too big and overhangs

  • You could have a bright colour on the metal inside to nicely contrast the colour of the outer plates,

  • Dbrand has earned huge brownie points for having the balls to put the C&D on the new plates like that. Kudos

  • Dbrand's response to Sony really makes me want to get one of their products... I just need a product that needs a dbrand skin now lol

  • Im even MORE happy now that I know they included the C&D letter in binary! LOOOL Im so glad I ordered it and cant wait till it comes in January. I think I need the gray plates too now. That looked toooo sic!!

  • Dbrand: "We dare you to sue us!"

  • Dbrand, I salute you! Having the balls to stand up to Sony is truly a "F-U!" to Sony for wanting to lock down 3rd party accessories from being made available for the console.

  • I feel like the relationship between LTT and DBrand is that of a true friendship. They will rip at each other in the most jokingly brutal way, but as soon as one is in trouble there is no question of the others loyalty.

  • These legitimately make the console look so much better.

  • I love Dbrand, I have a PS5 & I'll definitely buy this over the Sony plates. The fan filter part is the best thing about it