Do all of your cables need THIS?

פורסם בתאריך 2 פבר 2022
USB-C cables aren't really unique from brand to brand, but Marques Brownlee showed off this new cable with a power meter display. We had to check it out!
Check out the CHIPOFY USB C Cable w/ LED Power Display:
Marques Brownlee's original tweet -
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  • "It doesn't

  • Now test it on the cable tester!

  • Petition for another TechLonger

  • it'd be neat if you compared its readings to a socket power meter, i think

  • That's actually kind of cool, but I wish devices themselves displayed this information when you click on the battery % on the lock screen

  • I just want a clearly defined cable standard. 😔

  • More people need this so they look at it and wonder why they are seeing the numbers they are seeing. This will force them to educate themselves on POWER PROFILES. Just because a power source is 90W, doesn't mean you can get 90W even if your device supports 90W! There has to be a compatible profile for it to talk to. An amazing example of this is Apple's 90W charger. You would think getting an iPad Pro and paring it with their 90W adapter would be awesome, right? WRONG! The iPad has no compatible profile for it. In fact I think it maxes out around 60W but even better than that is you will NEVER get 60W out of that 90W adapter because it has no compatible 60W profile for the iPad Pro, THEIR OWN PRODUCT! I've been able to get 60W into my iPad Pro from an Anker adapter but nothing from Apple, not even their 60W adapters. So all those people buying larger Apple adapters for their iPads....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Can you please make a video about how I can block ALL "shorts" from my subscriptions page? That would be great.

  • Use the cable tester for the quality test!

  • What if the cable is waiting to be bought by the masses and then it will explode taking down most electronics.

  • To be honest, I only clicked because Riley was in the thumbnail.

  • It makes me happy when I see Riley in a Short Circuit video and it's actually short.

  • I'm tempted to get this just to test how accurate it is.

  • Honestly I want all my cables to have this. I'm always wondering

  • love the confidence at the end there haha

  • One of these came with my AOHi GaN 65 W charger and I love it! (apparently this brand belongs to an OEM that used to make chargers for other major brands, now selling their own chargers)

  • I bought one as soon as he tweeted it out, it seems pretty accurate from my testing so far

  • It's hilarious that linus just did a video on blocking spam and now his channels are getting hit even harder lol

  • Although not a requirement, it is definitely a nice to have. Also useful for troubleshooting when devices want to be cantankerous with charging.

  • Based on other discussions about the cable, seems various combinations of tech can be finicky about cooperating with it