Do you REALLY want a Keyboard on your Phone??? - F(x)Tec Pro 1 Phone

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The F(x)Tec Pro 1 phone might be the best (or only) option out there for people who want a full QWERTY hardware keyboard on their smartphone. It even has arrow keys!...much better than the Blackberry KEY2!
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  • 2008 : wow it's touchscreen

  • There's a new version of this phone out today that is partnered with XDA and runs Lineage OS right out of the box!! There's also a Ubuntu Touch variant. Please cover it Linus! 💙

  • Advantage of having a sliding, physical keyboard on your phone:

  • yes, i want the keyboard.

  • When using the phone for remote access, the special characters are less of an issue than the amount of screen real-estate the on screen keyboard takes up. Especially if you are trying to see everything in landscape mode while RDPing onto something. If I could have that keyboard set up built into a flagship for an extra 100-150 bucks I would probably do it.

  • As a BlackBerry Key2 user, I think this might be my next phone since BB is now officially dead. Can't live without the physical keyboard, touch typing and responding to emails and messages can get really fast on the physical keyboard when you master the muscle memory of the layout. Also I manage code … loads of code … and I occasionally write scripts on the go, a touch screen keyboard is awful for that!

  • I love this. It's like Unbox Therapy, but made by someone that really knows his stuff.

  • I love that a manufacturer is still making these. Touch screen keyboards piss me off.

  • That would have been my dream phone if they were able to implement an e-ink keyboard that morphs between different layouts like the Samsung Alias 2. The F(x)Tec Pro 1 is the Droid 4 replacement for those who have been keeping their Droid 4 for years xD

  • "Do you REALLY want a Keyboard on your Phone???".... Yes, VERY MUCH SO YES.

  • I’m surprised that gaming phones don’t have sliding controllers under the screen. I wouldn’t mind the EXTRA THICC

  • Would be awesome for a company to make this design but with a second display instead of a keyboard. Would be skinner, more useful, and customizable. It could easily be made from a durable plastic and i know theres technology out there to basically allow a physical bubble to pop on the screen to recreat a physical keyboard, it just isn't the prettiest on the main display. But on a second hidden display which sole use is for productivity scaling .. well pretty display doesnt really matter.

  • "Kinda reminds me of those horrible belt-holsters people used to have for their phones."

  • I would love physical keyboards to come back!!

  • I still have my Motorola Milestone and surprisingly it's still functioning well with a custom Rom, the beauty of a physical keyboard shines where you can have your full keyboard along with the entire screen real estate at the same time, and yes, it's very convenient during an RDP session for example.

  • How do you spend ten minutes talking about this phone and not mention the alternate OS options?! Out of the box support for Lineage or Sailfish is huge!!!

  • Touchscreen keyboards frustrate the hell out of me, Yes a physical keyboard is a huge selling point for me!

  • my favorite phone I ever owned had a slide out keyboard, best typing experience ive ever had still.

  • Reminds me of the old days with "classic unboxings", just Linus' pure reaction to a product. Nice and refreshing

  • They should make this attach-able to every phone, much bigger market, too.