Get the headphone jack back on your PHONE

פורסם בתאריך 23 מרץ 2022
This looked a bit unbelievable at first, but it actually works!
Buy the NextDrive Spectra X Mobile DAC:
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  • short :/ would love to see more audio stuff on short circuit

  • Crinacle: Save your money

  • This is literally ShortCircuit

  • What youtube has done to shorts on desktop have ruined them for me

  • Nope. My LG phone from 2017 has a 32 bit quad dac built into it. With a headphone jack.

  • Do a first impression of the Sundara.

  • Using a 2019 LG V50 ..has a 32bit headphone jack (RIP LG)... it'll be sad when I've to replace it:)

  • Pls mark this as an advert

  • I had a feeling it was something like that. I watched your last video and I can hear music playing over the din of the fans in that server. Meaning my iPhone’s audio isn’t that great.

  • Swear to god I thought this was a reference to Contradiction For a second

  • Now just imagine such AMP+DAC being already included in the phone with something called the "3.5mm headphone port"

  • Oh wow

  • 32bit; 384kHz. Good luck finding both an input that provides that much or an output that will use it.

  • Sundara is fantastic

  • I have one of these and I really enjoy it.

  • Actually yes, I've used an external 40 pin dock connector headphone amp from Fiio back when I still had an iPhone 3G or something like that.

  • The fiio btr5 is what I use every day. It’s a Bluetooth sac and amp. It fits in my pocket and even has a 2.5mm port for balanced cables.

  • Y’all take my word for it and get an ikko Zerda itm01 👍

  • I wanna se james doing reviews on audios thingy's

  • So inserting an extra device that needs power helps it needing less power? Sounds like it just ups the gain