I'm ditching my AirPods Pros - Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Earbuds

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The Sony WF-1000XM4 ANC earbuds are the latest competition for the Apple AirPods Pro, and I've been looking for a reason to switch for a while now. I think this might be it.
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  • Linus has taught me the ways of the little pocket, never again will I lose my AirPods.

  • "You aren't enough our customer to deserve to update the firmware..." Sad but true lol

  • Grabbed them yesterday. Absolutely amazing in terms of sound quality. Even got my hard-core Apple co-worker to admit they sound better in many ways than their Airpods Pro.

  • Love these earphones. The Foam didnt really fit my ear but I swapped them out for a silicon set I had and it didnt impact the ANC much at all. That 8 to 9 hours of ANC lasts me throughout work so I'm very happy with them.


  • Fun fact. That pocket was created to hold a pocket watch back in the day, the design just kinda stuck around.

  • Linus was so into them that he didn’t even think of a segue to sponsor.

  • Very impressive IMO for

  • Yeah, the XM3s were the wireless buds I hear most "audiophiles" reccomend if price range is doable, losing out to the Pros in the stuff Apple does well. Def for sound quality Sony gets the win, and these seem to address the other stuff.

  • Really enjoy your video ❤️ I was testing out my friend's Apple pro earbuds in comparing them they are a little more comfortable. But the sound and the noise concealing sounds so much more better The bulkiness I could put up with to enjoy the better sound 👍 they are top notch

  • Have the previous one and they keep falling out, they are really heavy, wish he would have tested that with a shake test. Also would've loved a comparison to the previous one. I was quite underwhelmed coming from 15$ to my current pairs which where like 200$

  • Absolutely in LOVE with my new Sony's. The sound cancelling is as good as he says, it sounds like in the movies when a bomb goes off and they lose their hearing lol

  • Seems like there finally exists a pair of fully wireless buds I might actually want.

  • I would be interested in hearing the difference between the foam and silicone tips. In my experience the Comply style tips do provide a more custom feel however, the porous properties of the foam make the bass seem less punchy and make the sound seem a little thinner. As a lifelong Sony fan I am very interested in trying these. My current XB700 work great with spare silicone tips from an older pair of MDR XB90EX which are my previous favorite. Good video. Thanks.

  • Coming from Airpods Pro, i would love to try this one out as Sony produces amazing audio devices but it looks uncomfortable and Linus is correct the ergonomics of the Airpods pro is great.

  • I love these Sony headphones, had a couple of their cans and a couple of their buds. I just wish they'd sort the ridiculous naming convention.

  • Linus, you took this review to the next level. The one complaint about my Samsung buds pro is the fact that I can not ware them while riding a bike because of the wind noise. Thanks for including that in your review

  • Linus: “I’m ditching my AirPod Pros”

  • Linus forgetting the color 'Gray' and calling it stone color is Amazing 😂😂

  • Oh man, I love my XM3 but the case is way too big and my batteries are wearing unevenly so I've been holding out for the replacement to use the protection plan. As long as the quality is still there I'm hyped. Guess they finally added sweat and weather sealing too!