I’m impressed so far!! - Apple M1 MacBook Air

פורסם בתאריך 18 נוב 2020
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The Apple Macbook Air is one of their most popular line of laptops or rather Macbooks. Does the M1 processor make it even better?
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  • Correction Note: Whoops, Linus meant Mac Mini, not Macbook Mini at

  • OBS Project team member here! Flattering that the first thing you think of trying on the M1 is us :)

  • Watching Linus work a Mac is one of the most boomer experiences I've ever had.

  • Friendly note, the same behaviour as option-clicking the green button is achieved by double clicking the title bar

  • "They should call it the Macbook Success" ...Didn't they try that with the iPhone 6S already?

  • The “drag to install” option allows you to start an application without installing it. You don’t have to copy it to applications first. It’s a nice feature sometimes.

  • I'm surprised Linus doesn't know that double clicking the top of a window makes it full-size.

  • Now you just have to add the

  • I just realized that they nailed this format, short circuit the quick and dirty explanation of something and then an in depth dive on LTT

  • Why you have to drag apps to the folder to install: You can actually run many apps off the disk image without saving them to your computer which is very handy.

  • You can tell it's a PC user when using two hands on the trackpad :)

  • 2:15

  • Ironically, the Macbook Air doesn't have a fan

  • can't believe he didn't go for the actual air joke and poke at the fact that it's fanless

  • You're just downloading a disk image and then drop the application itself completly into the programs folder. That's it. One of the best installationprocesses ever.

  • I find the installation process to be very nice and reassuring that the program is really just copied to one place and that it doesn’t create files all over your hard drive.

  • The reason you need to drag the application to the Applications Folder Shortcut in that small window is because on a Mac the program is contained inside a file that acts like a virtual drive. The application is then copied from the virtual drive to the Applications Folder and is then installed.

  • Have to agree - by merging the iOS and MacOS experience on one device, the lack of a touchscreen almost makes it seem like the Air is broken. Have to wonder if we’ll soon see an iPad Pro be able to run MacOS - I think that would be a fantastic platform.

  • This was painful to watch! Linus looked like he was in pain the whole time and never smiled or acted anything like his normal behavior. If this product would’ve been from a different company I have a feeling he would’ve been a little more upbeat with a more typical high energy review…

  • Can't wait to see Linus' face when he actually tests this thing.