I'm returning my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

פורסם בתאריך 25 פבר 2020
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip finally arrived and it's time to take it for a little test flip.
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  • MKBHD with his huge hands - "you can't really unfold it with 1 hand"

  • Linus: i feel like retiring

  • Linus once said: "I am not mad, I am just disappointed"

  • Samsung:

  • "you'll be using it for ONE DAY, and ONE DAY only"

  • When its closed, it reminds me of my old GameBoy Advanced SP

  • Finally someone who flips the phone correctly

  • This looks promising to me, I'll be keeping a close eye on the next generation of this if there is one, I'd be interested in owning a phone that compacts down but has a strong screen (both in res, size and actual strength), it has potential but this first version is a bit meh.

  • Been using mine since it released and had no issues, traveled with it used it on the plane to watch movies, used it as GPS when driving around, use my air pod pros with it with full features, works with my google home environment, charges extremely fast since yes it is a small battery, and hasn't slowed down on me once. I use the case it came with and haven't had any issues with it. The portability it has when putting it in my pocket is amazing. This is coming from using a Pixel 3XL. I think its a great phone, does everything I want it to do. Yes its still new tech but for what it offers I think its great.

  • On a scale of 1-10, how offended did Linus get when Samsung didn't send him a review unit of the Flip ? 😂

  • Yeah, the tech is definitively interesting, but I'm still going to wait a bit with this thing.

  • I'm incredibly excited for this in about 5 years when/if foldables are actually affordable.

  • Definitely feels like a beta test sort of device. I look forward to the second generation folding phones. Maybe we'll get a folding Note some day.

  • Love this format.. 👍🏼

  • Literally everyone: its a real pain to flip it open with one hand

  • while I was initially excited with this particular phone when I saw it in the Samsung store, the premium you have to pay for this phone by virtue of fad and one certain feature is not that exciting at all. personally I have grown to appreciate the non-flip aspect of smartphones added by the practicality of casings. I know that this may cater those with small sized pockets but it does defeat the purpose especially when thickness is also considered. while the flip feature is a nice aspect, it's not that new at all and should not command twice the price for a typical smartphone. it's a good alternative but not groundbreaking. I would continue to use the typical smartphones unless my pockets are unable to house them in or ran out of fanny packs. good job Samsung, but I'm sticking with your S20s instead.

  • Remember when dual 12mp cameras was considered a "photography beast"

  • So as someone who loves both of the folding phone concepts, I disagree with the argument that a flip version simply takes a pocketable object and makes it pocketable, but thick. I don't think the current flip phones are worth it, and the Samsung flip is even unquestionably worse than the new Razr. I do, however, want to see this mode of thinking advanced.

  • Me: "reading the Title*

  • I like the small form factor (it's why I'm still using iPhoneSE). I would love it if it's even smaller once open to help with 1-handed operation. Put a Blackberry style notification LED on the outside and I would get this no matter the price.