I took apart Apple's new M1 Mac Mini

פורסם בתאריך 17 נוב 2020
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The latest Mac Mini is using Apple's M1 processor, but instead of turning it on, I decided to take it apart. I hope I didn't break it.
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  • Linus: Puts it back together without the fan

  • The reason they removed the 10 gigabit and sodimm slots is specifically because you complimented them on it last time.

  • i hope you make a blender benchmark in your M1 review, because the other youtubers didn't, we really want to know how good the new mac mini emulate blender task

  • So far I'm happy with my M1 Mini but I must say with all that empty space they should have put in a larger speaker. The one they have now sounds worse than the built-in speakers in my PCs from the late 1980s. Which is odd because Apple sells more speakers than any other company on earth.

  • I'm fairly confident that Linus reassembled the whole product without the actual cooler in it before he noticed.

  • I feel like no matter how this project works out, it's a really interesting step in tech history

  • Apple’s ifixit kit was just there to test their new anti-right to repair designs of course ;)

  • The M1 doesn‘t have enough PCI-e Lanes for 10Gbit and 4 TB3/USB4 Ports. I think they will fix it with the next release. I guess it is because they wanted to release this new models as entry models as fast as possible (Christmas is coming).

  • I feel like they didn't change the size of the Mac mini is because when they launch the newer Mac mini they can announce "it's 9% thinner

  • Having seen the internals you might guess Apple has something on its sleeve to go full throttle on the PC dominance race. A tiny 10 Watt M1 PC board with 4GB of integrated DDR5 RAM, 64GB SSD, and a price point of $299, with an external graphics capability. Running iOS apps natively is the main focus here.

  • Thanks for the video! If it had a 1TByte SSD inside, I'm in. But App compatibility would still be a concern. I heard though it does deliver exceptional speed performance.

  • Customer: So I was thinking about upgrading my RAM or storage myself how do I...

  • Linus: Handling products with care since never.

  • I never use Boot Camp on my Mac, but I was intrigued to hear that that feature is totally gone on the new Macs, although it certainly does make sense.

  • Being totally honest...I'm coming back to Apple. This product is the start of something very new and possibly the future of computing. I haven't felt good about an Apple product in about a decade. Buy a Mac Mini now to play around with, then wait for the more powerful machines to come out and the make this our family computer. If Apple puts the development support behind this I think they will, this is revolutionary computing.

  • The more exciting products are going to be the ones that make use of the much smaller circuitry and thermal requirements. These first gen M1s are keeping consistency with the previous generation (as was done with the Intel transition) but the second generation products were where more exciting changes happened...

  • @ Anthony - if possible, could you test the mini with an external enclosure holding an SDI or HDMI capture card?

  • @Linus, Your last comment is spot on ! I dont think a lot of people understands the significance of this combined with Graviton and the latest 78C ARM architecture. Also Photoshop is now in beta for ARM native on both Mac and Windows on ARM and so is office.... let that sink in. If Apple did large cloud datacenters like AWS or Microsoft and made their own server version of the M1 the efficiency and cost savings in power usage and thus cooling would be a real threat.

  • The lack of eGPU support probably has more to do with them not having GPU drivers available for ARM than anything with the Thunderbolt ports.

  • Don’t let Linus fix your computer, he will likely leave the CPU out.