Keep your coffee hot FOREVER for a price

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Cold coffee sucks unless it's cold brew. But is it really worth $130 and your privacy to keep your coffee hot?
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  • "You have to sign in"

  • That privacy policy is sus, it’s literally just a heater wtf do they need to be tracking??

  • I'm waiting for the company to go bankrupt so the app stop working and it turning into a very expensive normal mug.

  • >mandatory account for your coffee cup.

  • “Your coffee is half way up to temp. If you want your coffee heated up fully, watch this 2min unskippable ad or upgrade to our Premium Plan”

  • Title: "How to keep your coffee hot FOREVER for a price."

  • signing in to heat the coffee what has happened 😭

  • They literally coud have just added a knob to the base

  • When "smart" tech like this need an internet connection and an account it's immidiately just worthless and dumb

  • "You have to sign in" "it has an app" well that's a product for the bin

  • Riley is my favorite ltt personality. Keep it up!

  • Ah Yes, the epidemic of. "DoWnLoAd OuR ApP"

  • Sign in to control temp??! If only lcd displays and buttons existed...

  • Techmoan viewers know what's up.

  • Product had interested me until I needed to create an account to use it

  • I’m so glad people are pushing back on the ‘companion app for everything’ trend. I would hate a future where every appliance in my house required a data-hoover just to operate it.

  • Or you could just drink the coffee while it's still hot.

  • That heat and daily charge cycles are gonna make a for a very long lasting shelf life

  • "Hold on I'll get you coffee in a second, I got to update my mug first"

  • “Want to heat your coffee?”