Nothing else is even close - Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor

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The Samsung G9 Odyssey is something exciting, and currently, nothing comes anywhere close to the performance, looks, and even future-proofing
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  • I just want to see a setup with it being done that you have these monitors all around you in well a 1 meter circle

  • Linus: 1000 cm is 1m.

  • Note to whoever is watching this: Don't ever put a curved monitor facing down on the table like Linus. It will crack. It's the worst.

  • Serious question for LTT: If I make a circle of these monitors, will my mouse cursor in Windows be able to go all the way around the circle without finding a border?

  • Was anyone else dying with dread/suspense when Linus put that panel basically on the edge of the counter?

  • I have had this monitor for a couple months and I have been having some issues with it that have only gotten worse. The monitor seems to have no or improper ground shielding. The reason I say this is EVERY SINGLE TIME I get out of my chair the static that creates makes the monitor audibly pop and shut down. It then will not reacquire the video signal and requires you to unplug the display cable and plug it in. It also sometimes happens while I'm sitting down trying to use it if some static gets generated while I'm sitting. From the information i have found online this is a common issue people have been having. This is a <$1,500 monitor w/ tax. It should be able to stay on and connected. I have tried changing out what the monitor is plugged into (dedicated outlet, power strip, surge protector) and it is regularly plugged into an APC surge protector. Nothing has helped. Initially it was not as bad, but it has been getting worse. I have tried to contact Samsung support and the online support does not work because "They don't have service in my area", so I had to call in. I sat on hold for 3 hours before giving up. Please do a follow up on this monitor and its issues. Also PLEASE call out samsung customer support.

  • Buy more of this monitor and make it into a circle

  • 2:05

  • Don’t know which blows my mind the most.

  • I just received my monitor today. I looks amazing & im probably going to end up with a bad neck.

  • What would be helpful is to talk about minimum hardware requirements to run these high end monitors playing a variety of game types.

  • I bought one last year and it is definitely the coolest monitor I've ever owned. Even the price isn't that much for what you get and can do with it.

  • Me: "So how much will it cost?"

  • I had 3 1440p high end gaming monitors but even dual GTX 980 TI were not able to yield a decent framerate. So exchanged those for a predecessor of the featured monitor and even though it only had 1080p and no 3d support it turned out to be a good decision.

  • If only that arc reactor at the back was powering the monitor then the cost would justified.

  • I highly considered one. I couldn’t justify the price comparing it to a 43 inch monitor even though the specs maybe better.

  • The real reason for a cinema screen to be curved is to insure that every point of the screen has the same distance to the beamer so the picture is in focus everywhere. If you would take an uncurved screen, it would be out of focus on the edges and the movie would be blurred, at least on very big screens. This effect would be even worse for IMAX screens.

  • Me to my mom: "This helps the zoom call function better and boost my Iq by 50"

  • A big reason why the large screens at a movie theater are curved, is to make sure that the screen is an equal distance from the projector. You know, the thing that lights the screen. The large movie theater screens are so large that, if they were flat, the edges would be noticeably dimmer than the center because the edges would be a lot further away.

  • Yes 1700 is a lot for a monitor but I was not expecting this to only cost 1700 I was expecting well into the 2000 range. Very impressive for sure.