PS5: it's here. And it's huge.

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We finally got our hands on the PS5 and yes it's big. It's almost as big as Linus.
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  • Man I've never handled new electronics like Linus handles new electronics.

  • PS5 design team: Let's make the most futuristic and unique looking console ever

  • Linus buys a new car, takes off bumpers, sideskirts and doors

  • He's definitely more comfortable bumping a device with an optical drive than I would be.

  • I'm impressed by how the Xbox managed to pack all its hardware in that small package. It's definitely better than most gaming CPUs at it's price point but it's just tiny compared to them. Honestly, if PS5 didn't have better games I would 100% be going Microsoft this gen. I'm just so disappointed at Sony's solution to improve thermals their jet engine console.

  • PS10 AI will fight linus back

  • Personally i’m really excited to see how this affects pricing of m.2 drives for my pc now that demand has grown exponentially

  • The problem with not putting the stand on the bottom when you have the PS5 standing up vertically is that it is at much greater risk of tipping over. The stand isn't as much for ventilation as it is for balance.

  • I think the difference between resistive triggers and haptic feedback is that haptic feedback just uses a rumble function very precisely to create the illusion of some kind of resistance or texture to the input, while resistive actually uses motors to put pressure on the trigger against your input.

  • Linus: "loud and proud"

  • As an xbox player, i say the ps5 looks amazing. Great console design and ABSOLUTELY LOVE the new controllers. My only criticism is that of most people, its just a WEEE bit big.

  • I'm with David. All-Digital since about three months after I got my PS4. I only had 10 physical games, and probably 30-40 digital titles. The physical games were eventually replaced during deep sales, and I've never looked back. Embrace the future, kids.

  • Linus just beating the hell out of the thing.

  • Yes a super slim hdmi would be great especially when it bends a little and then you start to see red and green wires coming out of it

  • I wonder how long will it take for custom shaped side panels to become a thing? Looks like you can make it into a slim normal looking box pretty easily

  • For the ltt video I think a neat comparison could be comparing load times of a ps4 that's been upgraded with an ssd and the new "revolutionary" storage of the ps5

  • I love that they made it very similar to a PC where you can open it up and pop in a SSD drive that doesn't have to be proprietary branding, years from now who knows the price accessibility of the memory expansion.

  • Since the side panels are easily removed I wonder if there will be 3rd party custom side panels available. Its basically a cheap blow moulded plastic part. Personally I think mat black side panels that follow the curve of the main chassis would look way better

  • "X's, O's, squares, and circles!"

  • I think it looks cool without the side panels!