STOP using your ISP provided router! - ASUS RT-AX86U AX5700 WiFi 6 Router Showcase

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It's been a wee bit since we unboxed a router at Linus Media Group, but it's fairly important to your home networking, especially if you're still using your ISP-provided router.
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  • Sorry for the audio issues! It's been fixed so it won't happen again going forward. - Jono

  • As someone who’s tried to sleep in rooms with Wifi routers, I love that they’ve included the ability to turn off all the lights!

  • My old Linksys was crapping out after only 2 years, so I switched back to Asus a month or so ago and settled on this router. It's pretty fantastic with the feature set it has. Yeah it's a lot more expensive than the run-of-the-mill routers, but at $250 it has most of the features that the $500+ top-end boys have. Plus AI Mesh looks pretty nifty if you have a big living space.

  • I love it when tech products have an option to turn off power led lights. I just got a new gaming monitor and I can turn it the bright led light for the power. It's really useful for being in a dark room.

  • Just got one and so far I love it. Was a bit tricky to set it up because we have NBN HFC so it was connecting to a network termination device instead of a modem, but a good friend helped me out with the assistance of a few forums and now it's great. Definitely worth the money

  • Been using this for the last couple months. So far, it's exactly what I need and even more than I hoped for. Just the one router provides full-home coverage without any "mesh" additions, and I've had precisely zero connection drops for any of my devices. Security is easy to setup and quite robust, configuration options are plentiful, and speed is a big step up over what I had before.

  • audio sounds like his last router unboxing

  • People underestimate the importance of a dedicated backhaul connection for Wifi range extenders. I set up my Linksys router and the RE9000 this way and it is great.

  • So my only question about this unit is if you can toggle off the "Network Security" feature. I feel like it may cause issues with latency in certain games or sites.

  • My only gripe with the asus configuration tool is that your DHCP settings are under the wired connections for some reason even though DHCP is also used with wireless. Unless there's separate but if that's the case it's a miracle that my home network hasn't come crashing down yet considering I have something like 100 static IPs that I really would rather it not also assign to someone else, that'd cause issues for obvious reasons.

  • For older devices that have difficulty with Wi-Fi 6 networks - this is most common (AFAIK) with Intel AC (Wi-Fi 5) cards. This has been fixed with a driver update. Get the most up to date drivers directly from Intel (NOT the OEM (Dell, HP, etc) nor Windows updates).

  • I have 3 of these routers (in a mesh). I had to manually upgrade the signal strength via command line to 170% to get a useable connection between them. The strength limit is based on FCC (I think) restrictions, which Europe doesn't have.

  • It's hilarious 'cause I just watched Linus say to Riley to replace his router in the newest LTT video.

  • I have fiber through Spectrum where they provided an Arris Wave 2 router that has been great. I get a 1gbps link speed on the 5ghz band with my work laptop and gaming desktop. In multi-player games, my ping is usually 20ms or less. Its also been more stable than most after market routers ive owned over the decades, where I'm not having to do the router restart dance every couple of months.

  • Had my AX86U since Sept, it's much more stable then even the two ax88u routers I had due to stability issues. I've thrown terabytes of bittorrents and 4k neflix and that ax86u has not locked up at all

  • My only addition to this is if you use more than one ASUS router, TURN OFF roaming assist in advanced wifi settings. Our devices that were near the middle of the two routers would bounce back and forth constantly.

  • Still got my Asus RT-AC68R, running strong with zero issues since December 2013. :) One of my best investments.

  • I would watch an LTT video where you replace Riley's ISP router with something else and see if it makes a difference and what that difference is.

  • I love how this counts as "substandard" audio on an LTT-affiliated vid yet is still 99% better than a lot of ILawardrs out there.

  • As someone who's modem and router are in the room they sleep in, the ability to turn on and off all the lights would totally be a plus for me. Especially if there was a way to schedule it in software to turn on and off