The COMPLETE OPPOSITE of a MacBook - System 76 Oryx Pro

פורסם בתאריך 22 יול 2020
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Doesn't open-source just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Today Anthony takes a look at System76's Oryx Pro laptop.
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  • My goal in life is to find someone who loves me as much as Anthony loves Linux

  • I don't know if Anthony realizes how great he is at presenting. He's like the David Attenborough of the PC and Linux world.

  • I really like this guy's presentation style. Straight to the point. Pleasant voice and well spoken. Keep the great stuff coming!

  • A much much better choice for Linux users right now (mid 2020) is any of the companies that sell a Tongfang Ryzen chassis as opposed to the Clevo one. From what I undestand

  • Watching Anthony feels like sitting down and having a conversation with a good friend. It's a pleasant experience that leaves you invigorated and happy to go about your day.

  • More Anthony - a calm, adult voice of reason and knowledge.

  • I love how Anthony went from kind of insecure and shy in front of a camera to someone who feels like a guy who worked before a camera his whole life.

  • I went to school for photography and I've been a lifelong Mac user and working as a photographer so Macs are what everybody uses, however I've recently switched to Linux and bought a system76 laptop and I've never been happier.

  • "what is the price of freedom?"

  • Anthony, my man, you are such an asset to LMG. Your depth of knowledge and passion for tech (especially for Linux), has been obvious from the start. And while you might have been a little awkward at first, you've really come into your own and are now so natural on camera. Kudos to you for putting in all the hard work to get where you are. I love all your videos and your buttery smooth delivery, even of technically dense material.

  • The people at System 76 are amazing too. They literally called me to thank me when I bought my laptop. They called me a couple times after I'd received it just to see how I was doing. Pretty amazing really, super personable. I'm really impressed with them as a company and love my Gazelle. I'll buy an Oryx one day. I love them and it's easily the best computer I've ever owned.

  • Keep up the Linux videos with Anthony! His soothing voice and calm explanations of Linux are a true highlight of the channel.

  • System 76 is what Steve Wozniak imagined Apple to be.

  • I hope we could get more Linux content with Anthony, he is really good at hosting

  • I love Anthonys videos.. like literally he could make a video talking about the color of concrete for an hour and I'd watch the whole thing

  • "The Apple of the Linux world." Are you sure? I mean, you can customize that thing pretty well.

  • I love that laptop manufacturers are starting to move the outputs to the back of the laptop for better cable management.

  • I absolutely love how Anthony walks through new products, with an understated, understandable, no-nonsense approach. I feel equipped to actually make an informed decision after his videos. Awesome possum!

  • I love Anthony as a host. He's really gotten much more comfortable in front of the camera, and I dig it.

  • I always love Anthony videos. He gets into the subject a lot and has the knowledge to bring a good video.