The First of Its Kind GAMING MONITOR! - Samsung G7 Odyssey

פורסם בתאריך 2 יול 2020
Thanks to Samsung for sponsoring today's video! Check out the Samsung G7 Odyssey 32" at , 27" at , or the full Odyssey line at
A big crate arrives at the office and it's marked FROM SAMSUNG! Let's take a look to see what they've been cooking up this year.
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  • The most revolutionary thing about this Monitor is the simple naming scheme.

  • Linus: “It matches the curvature of the human eye”

  • as someone how has the 27" model. You dont notice the curve when actually using it, but then you look at it while not using it and think "wow that thing is curved." its really trippy

  • Him: this is so smooth 240 fps

  • Linus: "Look how smooth it is! And the colors!"

  • "We are struggling to break 150 FPS on this puppy.."

  • 1:47

  • The fact that this is 240hz, 1440p AND it’s a Qled with hdr and local dimming on top of DisplayPort 1.4 makes this the best gaming monitor you can possibly buy rn. Most monitors don’t even have a qled screen either.

  • Linus, honestly tech would not be the same without your channel. You have provided so much for this community.

  • I wanted a G9 at first but after a little bit of research I came to an conclusion. The G9 is awesome but a little bit too much for me and the Resolution is not natively supported by many games. Then I saw this one and decided that I want the G7 and keep one of my old Full HD displays as secondary together on a desk mount.

  • Curious to see how the complete reviews for these end up, too many MRPT 1ms monitors on the market that end up looking like trash. My benchmark is using the moving photo Street Map at the testufo site, high contrast shows pixel smearing easy, and if you can make out the text while it is moving, you have a gem of a monitor :D

  • I've got an old predecessor to these monitors (CFG73 line) and it too has a

  • I yearn for the day when I mistakenly think I have a 2080ti, and end up having a Titan RTX, instead.

  • Does he not realize that we can’t see the smoothness of the monitor, unless we have the monitor

  • I'd be very interested to hear how they've circumvented the issue that 5120x1440 @ 240Hz doesn't fit the bandwidth dp 1.4 or HDMI 2.0 can muster.

  • Interesting looking monitor. I had decided on this one: LG 34GN850-B, which is a 34" beast of a gaming monitor, but this samsung is making me rethink things.

  • I'm very curious to see how the g9 differs from their previous crg9, considering it has the same screen size and resolution.

  • I am about to switch away from a VA panel and was under the impression this was more of that tech. The motion blur and slow response really was noticeable to me in shooters.

  • Would love to see monitors being tested for response time and color accuracy in a similar way to Hardware Unboxed.

  • So how does the monitor perform when the average framerates are between 30 - 80fps ? Would love to see some tests on lower end graphics cards like 1050 etc