This keyboard is a $100 computer!!! - Raspberry Pi 400

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Raspberry Pi isn't exactly new but it has come a long way that is almost usable for everyday activities, especially if you need something for under $100.
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  • Note: We found the power switch; it's F10!

    • oh yeah?my power switch is f69

    • @OMA2k I have the 8 GB model, so it could be that, but also, most modern applications are built to work on 64-bit chips and not 32-bit chips, so you would not have very much you should emulate, especially in the GNU/Linux realm where most of the software you could use is available for almost any major chipset.

    • @Wize Man Douglas I'm still not sure about that. With 64-bit you can address more than 4 GB of RAM, which would make the system faster, yes, but if you don't have more than 4 GB of RAM there's not much difference in that regard. Also, 64-bit apps are bigger, so they take a bit longer to load, plus running 32-bit apps on a 64-bit OS requires an emulation layer, which also makes apps to run a bit slower, and all that adds up. Still, there might be some details on how a 64-bit processor interacts with a 64-bit OS that I might be overlooking.

    • @OMA2k If you use a 32 bit OS, you aren't properly taking advantage of your chipset. I honestly don't know what else you want me to say. 32-bit is objectively slower than the 64-bit option, and I've seen it and experienced it first hand. It is very much not a negligible difference.

    • @Wize Man Douglas I mentioned the USB-A to C cable because the official power supply uses USB-A. About 64-bit, how does that work to make things faster?

  • Anthony’s that one guy in every movie that figures out how a alien computer works in under 15 minutes and by the end of the movie, has a full space ship built.

    • not really....he couldn't even figure out how to turn it on.

    • Oh yeah, this dude totally knows how to bypass the encryptions.

    • Accurate

    • The B. A. Barracus of the Linus media group

  • I feel like Anthony needs his own show for the ultra-nerd community. "LevelTen" (feat. Anthony)

    • Upvoted it to 969 You're welcome

    • The guy that broke level Asian.

    • hes the kind of guy thats i could listen hours of jargon from

    • Maybe Anthony prefers bringing the ultra-nerdy stuff towards a bigger audience and helping accessibility to the tougher gadgets with his manner of hosting, who knows?

    • HelloWorld (feat. Anthony)

  • I love how you can tell someone is asking questions and he’s responding as honestly as possible, doesn’t seem super scripted/memorized which is refreshing

    • @Harish Gaming TV Yeah, I know

    • @That Guy Alex :) It does have a power button just not dedicated, you press the F10 key

    • @D827 Kelly Cool. Thank you for that info. :)

    • @That Guy Alex :) the f10 button does double duty as the power button. A standard pi doesn't have a power button, but it is easy to add one.

    • @diddy_dante you can easily tell if Linus has a script. If he uses the useless word “actually” every 2 or 3 sentences it’s not scripted.

  • The GPIO pins are genius for learning to program. Having that physical aspect of code really clicks with most people trying to figure out programming for the first time. I would love to see Anthony tinker with this thing in another video.

    • Yeah do LTT version! Don’t forget Minecraft when you do it, tho!

    • Oh yeah, it’s fun! That would be cool. … I can just imagine Linus having those click moments… Linus would wanna play Minecraft tho.

  • As someone who uses Pis as a cluster server, having this as the “terminal” would be nice. Use it on the master Pi to SSH into the worker Pis over a local network via a switch that links all the Pis together. Saves you having to connect the display adapter to every single Pi to get a terminal out, and having to mess about with PuTTy on Windows.

    • I used to host Minecraft servers on it, and it worked pretty well.

  • I want to see Anthony play around with the RPI more

    • Playing with his berry... Man, I'll walk out the door now... Lol

    • me, too! it's been 6 months, though. has there been any updates?

    • same here

    • Same, i think he should overclock. Its not too hard.

    • Can Anthony please just take over LTT :D

  • Anthony is a treasure, absolutely love his presenting style and enthusiasm for tech and learning.

  • Overclocking this board should take care of some of the "lag feel" you get from a stock Pi. If this is the Pi 4, you should be able to OC it and make it feel a lot snappier. I think you need a Part 2 that talks about OC'ing this and checking the thermals.

  • I love how I can feel Anthony's passion with computers and tinkering.

  • Anthony is the truly the most passionate geek in the team. I love his videos!!!

  • The more I watch SC and LTT, the more Anthony grows on me. Man seems like a genuinely kind, wholesome fella

    • @DholocronKeeper yeah, one of those monitor thingies.

    • You will be crushed to the ground if he grows on you.

    • Fangirls for Anthony unite! 😍

    • @norcobick it wasn’t a monitor thingy, it was an iMac Pro.

  • It would be great for Elders/Seniors as well, especially those on a fixed income. You can even hook it up to a touchscreen monitor with a mod on the GPIO.

    • You're going to subject the elderly to linux? They just got windows 30 something years ago.

  • We need more videos with Anthony, he has this calming effect. Love how he can't find the words to say to describe just how much you can do with a Pi which is exactly how I feel whenever I use one, there's so much you can do with it it's similar to looking on Netflix for something to watch since there's so much on there you almost get lost.

    • He's genuine. He's the only video presenter, at least in my opinion, that actually knows what he's talking about and also doesn't act overly friendly. The rest are either one or the other, not both.

  • I like how Anthony actually knows what he does and has done actual research. Something that i often miss when i see big tech channels reviewing Linux products.

  • As an IT major, I’ve always found the Raspberry Pi such a cool device. I’ve seen so many posts on Reddit with people making anything from home automation to media servers to smart mirrors. I’m happy to see that they’ve made a raspberry pi that’s in a more accessible form factor. I’d love to buy a raspi one day, I just have no idea what I’d make with it. There’s just so many options.

  • Anthony is such a calm chill non dramatic reviewer. Honest and gets to the point

  • I've had my Pi400 for a few days now, and all I can say, it's a worthwhile device to own, with the right expectations. It's my main machine for running Ultimaker Cura and it runs it well enough. As a hobbyist, for me the Pi400 is an excellent device to work with. Compact and low power. It overclocks well too. 2.3GHz on the CPU 850MHz GPU. I'll probably dial back the overclock for longevity, although I'm not seeing temps go higher than 55C, with 'normal use'. I have a dual monitor setup with my Pi400. It works well, with a few quirks! Tho one of my monitors has only VGA out! But, it works, once I spent the time to get the settings right, 'taskbar' placement etc. I run TwisterOS and also boot from USB. Cool fact of USB booting, the SD card slot can be used for extra storage, so a C: and D: drive, if you want. I doubt I'll ever touch the GPIO and I don't miss the camera or display connectors, I've got more Pi4s deployed that need to use those connectors. Finally, excellent job on on the video. Get some projects going for the Pi400, for the main channel. Always cool to see LMG tackling the Pi.

  • I ended up getting a RBP4 kit that came with a nice little power button pass-thru cable from the Pi to the PSU. It seems dead simple to include a power switch.

  • Anthony is def my fav presenter on LTT. Such a soothing voice and a knowledgable guy

  • Love the videos, keep up the great work. I am lucky to live by a microcenter and have been eyeing up their DIY raspberry area. I am new to the PC tech so am a little tentative, but after seeing this enthusiasm I think this will be a great thing to work with my kids on.

  • I don't want to sound too forward, Anthony, but can we be best friends?

  • Fan of Raspberry Pi since discovering them. Amazing SBCs and amazing Foundation in total 💪🙏

  • I really appreciate the way they've done this. You used to get computers with real guides and programming manuals. The Pi Foundation delivered here on that educational need.

  • I’ve been a fan of you and Linus since I found your channel last year. *From one Anthony to another, I hope to see you get your own solo channel soon!* 😊🙌

  • Just plugged in my rpi4 8GB and I was really impressed. Watching Rumble videos, using web apps...etc. I didn't notice any issues (other than not able to use a few apps like signal), so when I saw on the rpi site a keyboad all in one I thought "that sounds perfect", watching this it sounds pretty bad like it was only intended to play with like a toy. It it possible the all in one needs a fan? My rpi I haven't been able to push the CPU above 30% yet of course only doing word processing and web surfing kind of tasks.

  • Everybody loves Anthony because he actually knows what the hell he’s doing

    • I think that should be the requirement... But it's LTT crew.

    • @SirSpiro Didn't Anthony drop the iMac Pro screen that Apple refused to repair?

    • Linus does know what he's talking about for some subjects. But he has been wise enough to invest in people who know more about a range of subjects. Linus is the face and the creative force to some extent. The real hard work is done by Yvonne who few see as her job is in the background most of the time, but it is critical and Linus acknowledges it regularly.

    • And linus doesnt?

    • @Wmichel cause he owns this channel. and *nothing* else

  • Great video, I want to see you guys do something cool with it. I love the Raspberry PI, I have one on a shelf plugged in as a nextcloud server using RAID 10 (4TB) dedicated to backing my stuff up. It works well, everything was missing from my hard drive one day. I'm not sure what happened, but Windows wouldn't boot, Linux always works, but the Raspberry PI restored everything. I also use them for a media center SNES and Kodi media center, a modem for a guest network, Christmas lightshows. The possibilities are endless, They are so awesome!

  • I read a "guide" a long time ago that said you found make a really good number cruncher (the article called it a mini-supercomputer) by linking multiple (4) raspberry Pi computers; it would be really cool to see some sort of network of them also likely attaching a GPU to make some sort of mini data-crunching monster, and then compare it to an equivalent computer at the same price point

  • Few years ago I was designing small "desk-rid" (got name for it: Desktop Hybrid) and it was meant to have laptop motherboard inside keyboard, ports wired to the back and left side. Thick and quite possibly heavy one, maybe with small touchpad or thinkpad style "nipple" - never got around making it actually, I draw everything out but just abandoned the project.. Too bad I can't find those papers anymore This RPI 400 reminds me of it, and to me it's almost what it meant to look like

  • I'd love to see Anthony do a project with this thing! I keep hearing about Raspberrie Pi's but I've never really seen an in-depth look into why it's so cool. Anthony would be the perfect person to come up with an example via a fun project.

  • Yeah I would love to see you tinkering with that more on LTT

    • overclock and run it in a mineral bath cooler!

    • Make this happen!

    • @Natan Shibru ah that’s a shame, say hi to him if you are right about the guy.

    • and small one board systems $100 and under

    • BabeMinzGirlsszz.SpaCe

  • Nice video - seems like a nice piece of kit. Could be an ideal replacement for older 32-bit netbooks that are no longer going to be supported by Linux Ubuntu (Canonical) after April 2023. Something to look forward to in the coming months - maybe an 8gb might appear next year.....

  • I think this product could be great for some tinkering products, where you hook up a small screen and have the full controller of your system. For example as a controller for a fun lighting system or some other actuators.

    • That's exactly why I bought it. I use it to control the ambient lighting and the simpler of my automotrons in my saucer.

  • This system performs extremely well with the latest GNOME Wayland desktop. Because X11 is so demanding on the CPU, it even performs better than the barebones lxde environment that comes default in the official Raspberry Pi OS releases.

  • This thing is awesome...just wish they had an 8gb version. Honestly, as something they tout as a low budget desktop, that should've been the default with the 4gb as a cheaper option. I'll probably pick one up anyway because it's still really cool and great for little projects I have in mind.

  • I just love anthony. As a computer tinkerer he is so relatable. I want more of him.

    • that’s what she said.

    • YES

    • He knows what's necessary and what's not, which I respect him for actually saying

  • I would love to see a long form video diving into this. I've been wanting to get into a Rasberry Pi for a long time, and it'd be nice to see a jumping off point

  • Looks really cool! Great presentation guys! Seems great, just find a monitor and a network, or control your robot, or whatever. Though I do wonder, given that cell phones these days can do so much in such a tight unit.... Well I will go watch your pine64 video now.

  • Any content with Anthony is a must watch for me. Love this guy!

  • Anthony needs to do more to see someone so tech savvy give these first impressions

  • I want to see more of Anthony. There's something very relaxing and enjoyable about seeing someone who clearly knows their stuff on a deep level and is just so passionate about it. No ego, no gatekeeping. Just pure, heartfelt passion. More Anthony! More!

  • This is like going half-way to a laptop form. I would love to see it go all the way. Would be so nice to have a laptop that's cheap enough that I could throw it around ($200?) and let it get dirty, etc. And to have the GPIO! It would be so convenient to not need to set up a raspberry pi every time I need GPIO - pi, power brick, hdmi (going to the back of a monitor), clearing out space for a keyboard and mouse, finding all those parts... would be a great time saver. Now imagine this with an empty slot for RPi hats! to be contained in the (chunky) laptop!

  • I ended up getting a Cannakit kit with a Pi 4 B with 8GB. The streaming is less than optimal but I am interested in what you did to try to improve it. It is a great emulation machine though.

  • I feel like being able to seamlessly play internet video is actually the number 1 thing which makes this unusable as a desktop pc for a lot of people. Like of course there is obscurity and a whole lot of other issues, but that right there is the real dealbreaker.

  • Wondering if this would be good for running a garage wood CNC. I have been looking for something lightweight with no active cooling. Would probably need a keyboard membrane or something to protect the keys from dust ingress

  • I love this dudes enthusiasm. Anthony reminds me of myself when he talks about younger years and old computer experiences.

  • This Video has inspired me to buy my own version. And hell yeah, this si so great to Play with. I OC'ed it to solid 2.4GHz and it runs great. Its enough power to take a complete system in your bagpack. a tiny 7" Screen powerd by a Powerbank make ist possible to carry around and be prepared for all... the apocalypse can come

  • I would love to see you guys fully explore what you guys can do with the Pi400, maybe show off some ways to make it more powerful? Not like play cyberpunk powerful but maybe to the point where websurfing can be a little easier.

  • Totally want more pi content. ShortCircuit & LTT are my favorite sources for tech advice. It would be great if you guys were able to elaborate a bit on the pi 4b! I've read it can emulate PS2. So, Raspberry Pi 4 Model B [8gb] + Monitor + Emulators & ROMs + 2 Sinden Lightguns = The best way to play gun-games? Come know you want to! ;D

  • first of all, more Raspberry Pi content please Secondly, i love the throwback to older computers like Comodore and Atari with the formfactor and detailed instruction BOOK

  • Would love to see more tinkering with it including windows for ARM

  • Amazing starter computer and getting kids into thinking about the future of the digital future.

  • These could make killer low cost vdi terminals / thin clients, I'm curious how they'd handle running one (citrix vdi, rdp, nomachine, etc)

  • Anthony is so passionate, let him tinker with the Pi in-front of a camera :P

    • @Kayaze acutally with just a picture of a key it is possible to copy it, so not quite extreme.

    • @Franko also he loves to eat jerky.

    • @Franko he actually loves to eat sugar coated stuff.

    • I told you he's a greedy jerk, just sugar-coated.

    • A stream of Anthony just playing with it and making it do things would be _great_ as a means to fill in for lack of material. Hours of that man's knowledge would be worth more than an entire semester of programming!

  • I definitely want to see y'all do a project or two with this!

  • I would absolutely love to watch Anthony stumble through an rpi project, probably more gracefully than i have in the past. I'd be interested to see the decisions he makes and the things he gets stumped on.

  • I really hope there’s a more in depth video I want to get this for my little sister and I feel a more in depth look will actually be able to spark that creative switch of what’s capable

  • That was so cool . I loved the concept and keyboard actually seemed nice looking . For a kid set up or when you want to try sth and dont want to ruin your expensive laptop

  • Very very cool. I'd have killed for this as a kid. It's digital Play-Dough or'll do damn near ANYTHING you can think of. I have a Pi Zero W I've been messing with lately...has the little camera module. Got it to stream to my NVR software forever ago. Pulled it out recently and thought, because you used to have to boot it, log in, then start the camera, "hmm...wonder if I can make it plug and play." Man...I installed RealVNC and wrote a little custom Python script so now, all I have to do is plug it into power, wait a minute and *POOF*...I've got not only a wireless security camera but an emulated VNC desktop too!! Now I'm working on making one that will be accessible from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD using 3G or 4G and ZeroTier... Your imagination really is the limit!!

  • I love Anthony approach to this little computer I have since version 1 I literally felt the vibe in his voice for the excitement... That's pure nerd attitude and I love it! I envy my daughter (3yo) because she's going to inherit my nerdy passion for PC and she's going to have access to a knowledge and an hardware base, I couldn't even imagine when I was her age. Future is going to be great.

  • Would be very nice if they had an app which allowed you to use your android smartphone's screen, without turning off the smartphone, and the power button, as you said, but maybe as a power switch/toggle instead.

  • This is really neat and would probably replace my Dell Inspiron AIO unit I have mounted on my toolbox at work that I use as a cheat sheet, gcode editor and for watching videos while running parts.

  • I love videos hosted by Anthony! He's always so knowledgeable about the topics he's speaking on. Keep up the great work!

    • Completely agree with you, Anthony always covers exactly everything I want to know. Even little things such as showing CPU Usage when Decoding Video.

  • Back in the early 90s or late 80s, there was an entire PC in a keyboard. I don't remember the brand but we got one where I worked to see it would serve for some of our projects. I remember it had a floppy drive but it may have booted over the network. They didn't stay around for long but now they are back.

  • Using a Pi 4 as a daily driver is incredibly difficult unless you boot from SSD because it is just slow from the SD card. But surprisingly I found they can be used as a decent home computer if you do this, like it runs decently fast, can do dual monitors, is even fast enough to handle in-browser video like ILaward and Twitch which the Pi 3 really could not. I did not have the slowness with pausing and such on my Pi 4 when booted from an SSD and overclocked. But none of these keyboard cases make room for an SSD. Vilros's makes room for a fan which is nice since you can get some better performance by overclocking it, but then it also blocks off the GPIO pins which sucks. You can also get an easy performance boost out of the Pi by installing the experimental version of Buster that is 64-bit since the board is 64-bit but for some reason they ship a 32-bit operating system on it, and there is a really measurable performance hit from this.

  • Raspberry Pis are awesome for whenever you need to program a dedicated computer for a specific task that needs complex features like networking or a full functional OS out of the box. Like magic mirrors, if you want to make your own NAS, and stuff like that. So, singular but somewhat complex tasks. For anything else, Arduino.

  • I'm glad Anthony also had trouble finding the HDMI cable. I now feel less dumb about that when I got one and thought I had been shipped a kit without one before finding it in the same place.

  • We want to see more of Anthony tinkering with this!

  • I've always wondered why the Pi is so slow compared so many other relatively cheap and weak ARM devices. I picked up a cheap Hisense ARM Chromebook from Walmart when I was broke and slumming it through college and that had the same number of cores and half the RAM of this thing (I think it was a RockChip SOC from like 2014 or 2015) and it honestly felt pretty snappy with Chrome OS, even with eMMC flash storage. It would play ILaward videos lag free at the screen's 720p resolution. Even had 9 hours of battery life!

  • It's so hard to find a good LTT video these days, but anything with Anthony is always a big win.

  • This video is amazing. The fact that a computer in a keyboard is worth $100 is mind blown. Although it isn’t a windows 10 operating system computer its still good.

  • There are other operating systems, such as Ubuntu Mate, that can be used. Also, with the 8 GB Raspberry PI you can do a lot more and use it as a desktop.

  • Give Anthony a RPi series where he does different crafts using a Pi! The RPi is literally limitless and Anthony is the kinda guy to take advantage of that sort of thing! Let him spread his wings and fly!

  • I wanted a Timex Sinclair computer as a kid. I was dreaming of the one with the 16kb expansion card. No dice, the old man thought nobody needs a computer at home. He also thought cassettes were a fad and 4-track tapes were superior. (4-track tapes pre-dated 8-tracks. This would be awesome for 10 year old me. It might also make a great ham-pi for a go box used in ‘em-comms for 50 year-old me.

  • I see this as the future of budget computing even gaming. By five years Nvidia will have accelerated arm a lot more and we'll be in the carbon age so five year old pcs will be better emulated on such watt efficient devices.

  • What's nice about this too is that you can access the hardware just about directly. Instant gratification, compared to windows multiple layers to get hardware control. I'd like to grab one of these, good video.

  • Great Video. For Raspberry Pi stuff, I feel the hardest part is not doing a project, but actually come up with a project idea. I have gotten myself several different embedded boards (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, DE10-Nano, etc.) over the years and I haven't been able to think of a project to use these boards :(.

  • Anthony's love for this stuff is really infectious, I found myself smiling like a kid throughout the video.

  • It would be awesome if this could handle 4 cameras in obs. You could then run some 4 cheap usb capture cards (they have a suprising decent quality btw) running at 1080p 30fps. That could be a project. Maybe even add the hability to save the all recording as an iso xml project but that is obviously a massive stretch.