Unboxing the smallest GAMING PC you can buy! - Intel Ghost Canyon NUC

פורסם בתאריך 14 אפר 2020
Linus gets his hand on Intel's newest NUC, the Ghost Canyon! He does go a bit beyond the regular unboxing...
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  • 1. Linus didn't drop anything

  • I love that Linus has children's books behind him. He's trying to give the impression that he can read.

  • I really love the design. So cool how that all fits together.

  • I cant believe linus was bottlenecking his face this whole time.

  • the guy who built the PC by hand is breaking his heart right now.

  • Intel: packs it heavily

  • Linus:

  • You know you've gotten old when even Linus manages to grow a beard.

  • I'm always really impressed by these small PC's. I love them, and I want to build one.

  • Linus, look into the Zoom F6 for home recording. Its 32-bit floating audio files make it almost impossible to clip. If your levels are way too low, there's not a noticeable penalty when boosting them in post. Just make sure the port you're using is setup for "mic" or "instrument" which will change the input sensitivity. I hope that helps!

  • This was actually really exciting to watch.. I have always been interested in tech and small electronics like phones and computers but for 10 years or so ive haven't done much except use a computer and phone so when i see everything new and compact like that it gets me interested again.. when my budget allows me I will build myself a gaming computer..

  • Linus: This is just an unboxing..."

  • The blacklight is for the packaging, there is UV paint on it that will illuminate with the black light.

  • im always amazed on small form factor pcs, especially on how it is assembled

  • Linus's daughter: Dad, why are using my room?

  • Just configured a system at the Intel link with the modest i5, 32GB, 1Tb M.2 (not nvme), 2060 RTX, Win 10 Pro =$2200. Not too bad if they keep going with the modular upgrades. I'm just worried they'll change designs in 2 years and I'm stuck with the compute board. Cool idea, Google tried it with a phone and people lost their minds. They need mass adoption for these modular ideas to work.

  • I'd love to see an all AMD option. I'm done with Intel ME and that backdoor crap. But this system looks really nice for LANs 😁

  • AMD should do this. This is exactly what I need right now.

  • Meanwhile his daughter is pounding on the door asking when she can get back in her room.

  • - no dropping