Who does Samsung think they are?? - S21 & S21 Ultra

פורסם בתאריך 14 ינו 2021
Samsung's S21 smartphones are finally here, and we are checking out both S21 and S21 Ultras. Which one are you thinking about getting?
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  • Correction: S21 Ultra has a 5000mah battery!

  • Anker having a blast becoming one of the mainstream unofficial official charger supplier.

  • More like if Apple actually cared about the environment they'd make their phones more repairable

  • If they really cared about the environmental aspect, they would make phones where you could replace the battery easier and have longer software support.

  • "If you are the kind of person who keeps his phone for longer than a year or two....."

  • Losing the microSD hurts something special. Guess the S9’s staying a few more years or until I give up and move onto another brand.

  • Removes headphone Jack, removes SD cars, doesn’t come with a charger. Do I see a pattern here?

  • "Only 8 gigs of memory"

  • I don't like the fact that the sd card slot is gone, but who really cares about those 60 watt chargers? Don't they just ruin the battery much faster? Don't really care if the phone charges 5 minutes faster if it results the battery degrading 2 times faster. Edit. Linus did mention that, good job Linus!

  • If they really cared about the environment they would make chargers that didn’t break

  • Finally a review that tells the cons. No expandable memory is a deterrent for me.

  • Seems like Ill keep the S10 longer than expected. Headphonejack, microSD, remapable Bixbibutton..

  • I actually switched from the note 9 to the S21 Ultra and I am very pleased with it! The battery life is great, the screen is absolutely beautiful and buttery smooth with that 120hz. I actually looked at the difference between the two when I was transferring my stuff over and was like, how can I ever go back to 60hz. This screen has ruined me for lower refresh rates. Lol I enjoyed using the pen on my note 9, but haven't had a time when I was really disappointed that I no longer have it. It was convenient, but I don't miss it as much as I thought I would.

  • Someone said it!!! NOT about the bloody environment!! it annoys me so much that that excuse is used! just pisses me of! Have the balls to just say as it is: Money!

  • I've always been a proponent of not needing more than 1080p on phones. The difference between 1440p and 1080p is hardly noticeable on a screen that size, and 1080p saves more battery. Especially with the base s21 Model this year around.

  • Linus: "It maxes out at ONLY 8GB of RAM"

  • I love the back on the Ultra. I've only ever owned phones with glossy glass backs which feel awful so I've always used a case. The back on the Ultra is so nice to feel

  • I love apple products, I envy the ecosystem, and I admire the fact that they control the hardware, software and end to end development. I love my Samsung Note 10+ as well. I wouldn't mind having both phones, but that notch is ugly, I like finger print scanner, and a pen gives me copy and paste precision I cannot get on an iPhone. Both products have pros and cons!!!

  • When it comes to charging my One+ 7 Pro, I more often than not charge it on a standard QC-spec charger (5v3A, 9v2A, etc) instead of the 30W warp charger that came with it unless I need my phone charged fast. I figure it has to be better for the battery that way. Interesting to see I'm not alone there.

  • also if Apple cared about environment they would've switched to USB type C long time ago. Instead they are making Gazzilion of money on their proprietary lighting cables