Xbox Series X Controller: First Impressions

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If it ain't broken don't fix is a motto that Xbox is taking with the controllers as we look throughout the iterations from each console launch. Xbox looks like they have another winner again with minimal changes.
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  • Linus: "What do these black and white buttons do ?"

  • If you use these new ones on win 10 and are having connection drop issues you need to update the controller firmware through the Xbox accessories app through Microsoft store. I ended up with 3 extra controllers because I thought each one was defective and it turns out they just needed updating. Super easy to do on the app as well so try it out if you have issues.

  • The new xbox controller is kinda like a more smooth xbox one controller to me.

  • the fact that it dosnt change much between generations is one of my favourite parts of each gen... xbox controllers are near perfect. all they need is the small amount of refinement. n i dont wanna learn a new controller lol

  • The series controller feels amazing, I just bought mine today. The capture button is great too

  • David is actually right about the Dualshock being a good controller in terms of the D-pad. I play a lot of fighting games and in most of them you have to input diagonals between directions for moves and it’s nearly impossible to pull off on any of Microsoft’s gamepads. It’s been easy with the Dualshock even since the PSX, before it had analog sticks.

  • I like the grip it will make it accurate to throw.

  • I'm actually really happy they've kept a similar design.. I mean Microsoft is killing the controller game with design labs. would be a shame if you couldn't use your customized controllers with the newer consoles.

  • I love the feel of the Series X controller over the old Xbox One. The added grippiness on the handles is really nice. It's very comfortable. But I have two things I'd love Microsoft to sort improve. 1 - make the thing quieter! The thumbsticks clatter on the body plastic sooo loudly. Perhaps a rubber dampener that you just change from time to time on each stick? And I'd love to see a controller with a built-in charging pack like on the PS. It's such a pain hunting for new batteries when they run out.

  • I love the type C charging because I already have it with my iPad Pro, skullcandy buds, Sony headphones, Sony speaker, and action camera. Sadly iPhones are stuck with lightning.

  • It also has lower latency which is needed for 120 fps games and slightly improved rumble. I like how Xbox went for functionality over immersion with high built quality. All that is missing is paddles 9/10

  • You can button press on the top part of the bumpers now. Might take me a while to adjust after adjusting the first time though. First impressions is I love it. I'm hoping durability is better than before.

  • The break away cable was a requirement by certain territories - per XGM- like Japan- that classified the xbox as a children's toy and it was heavy enough to be required to have a break away cable (like an input device), so that this device was not pulled onto a small child's head. This was common with many consumer electronic devices, much like a grounded pin per UL, not sure if this was required here in the states, but would it be silly to have two different versions

  • The elite 2 controller is fantastic, it's a slight bit smaller than the standard controller, but much more comfortable to hold because of it.

  • The Xbox 1 controller is my absolute favorite controller. It just feels so solid, the D-pad is by far the best I've ever used (I don't understand people who praise the Switch Pro), the thumbsticks are slightly taller than the 360's making it easier to be accurate, and overall I just don't have many things wrong to say about it. The Xbox Elite 2, however, was a disappointment. It's still my go-to just because of the customizable parts of it but the face buttons are designed poorly so it's easy to press them in such a way that they "flicker" on and off, the triggers can have a similar problem when on their shortest setting, and customizing it on PC for some stupid reason requires you to physically connect the controller, after which it forgets its bluetooth pairing so you have to go into the Windows Settings, "forget" the controller, then re-pair. The physical issues can be remedied by taking it apart (which is easier than I anticipated), amusing you have the skills and tools, but you really shouldn't have to do anything like that with a controller as expensive as it is, and then the nonsensical software issues are just indefensible. I also would like it to have the hard plastic of the standard controller because when I feel that soft rubber coating all I can think of is "in 10 years this will be a gross, gooey mess".

  • Really surprised you didnt mention the series controller having a MUCH lighter left trigger actuation than the right. I just got mine and its driving me so crazy that I think I'm gonna return it and buy the older model.

  • I have to absolutely agree with the idea that the 360 controller was perfect EXCEPT anyone that has owned several of them knows that one good crack on the floor and your shoulder buttons are broken. Every. Single. Time. It's quite obvious that, since the xbox one bumpers are far bigger and obviously vastly more robust, Microsoft recognized this fatal flaw.

  • The D-pad feeling more stiff and rough to gives me a sense of better durability, longer lasting before it get's soft and sluggish. That's a pro in my book. And most people prefer mechanical keyboards that is loud and clicky so shouldn't. I avoid mechanical keyboards myself. I want prefer low profile, smooth and silent keyboard buttons like on the Razer DeathStalker for example. Better for chatting with friends, quicker presses due to less button travel and barely having to lift my fingers but just slide between buttons just enough to feel the groves but not pressing anything as my finger move around. Comfortable, faster command presses, more swift button switches which benefits quicker commands lines/combos and no clicking noise coming through my mic so can have lower threshold so I don't need to talk louder.

  • I really like the more back and forth questions/answers Shortcircuits. I've seen it's started happening more and i'm all for it. It allows a lot more impressions and useful info without necessarily having two separate hosts. The fighting game dpad quip was great.

  • Hi Linus, the left analog stick used to be a major problem for the Xbox one controller. I really hope they reinforced or redesigned it